shaina & rahn are getting married!


About Us

On a most glorious day in April of 2005, Rahn and Shaina met for the first time at Vassar College at the tender ages of 19 and 17. They were totally not into each other. Fast forward four months, and they met again, older and wiser than before.

After two youthful years at Vassar College, Shaina and Rahn moved on into the wild world of New York City where they completed their undergrad studies and survived many fierce encounters with mice, roaches, and New Yorkers. Wanting a change in scenery, in January 2010, they made the perilous journey from New York City to San Francisco, the very first city that they would fall in love with. And then they somehow ended up in Christchurch, New Zealand and are now also somehow suddenly looking ahead to their thirties. And they still love each other. Very much.

The nitty-gritties are on Facebook.Log in to view! For the juiciest details, start from 2005!Viewer discretion advised. For mature audiences only. Profanity and suggestive images. ( ´ ∀ ` )
If you are confused about who Shaina is, go here.
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The Deets




December 18 - 20, 2014.
Stay the night with us the afternoon/evening of the 18th (check-in time: 2pm), then enjoy our ceremony on the morning of the 19th. After that, we'll relax and spend another night, departing on the morning of the 20th (check-out time: 11am). (Your accomodation is on us! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the 19th, and breakfast on the 20th are on us as well!)


Shaina & Rahn plus a wee group. About fifteen of us.


Select Braemar Lodge, Hanmer Springs, New Zealand.
Ceremony, reception and accomodation will all be at the same location.


'Cause we can.


The fine print.


Leave your tux or evening gown at home, please. We'll be aiming for a yuppie hipster vintage look ::insert ironic face here::, with suspenders and vests, cardigans and flats.

Please no old man suits or pant-suits that smell like mothballs and have been sitting in your closet since the 90s AND OH GOD PLEASE NO MEAT DRESS. (We're talking to you, old people. And Lady Gaga.) The ceremony will be on grass, so those who are high-heeled shoe inclined are advised to go for something that won't sink into the ground. Our colors are shades of dusty reds and pinks (slightly pinkish reddish goodness) and neutral. You are welcome to, in fact, encouraged to, dress to fit the color scheme.

If you have any questions about your attire, please take a selfie, preferably in a public bathroom with ducklips and a photobombing animal, and send it to us.

To bring:

Bring a bathing suit for the hot springs and some sunscreen—weather permitting we'll be outside for the ceremony. We'll also be having an outdoorsy recreational portion, so bring something comfy and easy to move around in.


We will have professional videographers and photographers while we're getting ready, during the ceremony and at the reception. Please, oh please, do not stand up during the ceremony to take pictures or use flash photography because you will get in their way and we only get one take for this! We promise there will be plenty of other Instagrammable moments for you to whip out your smartphone for.


We don't know when we'll next be packing our bags, so we're trying not to gain any more "stuff". There is absolutely no expectation or pressure for gifting. But if you are so inclined, we would love your help in getting our wedding on photo and video, which we will love and treasure forever!

You can send gifties (in USD) to our PayPal account: the easiest way is the send as gift option to :-)